We have to learn english!

Don't think anyone have missed that we're gonna move to london. But the big problem is the english. Don't know how to spell, don't know how to speek. All this grammar stuff.. But we have to try! You can't learn anything without trying. And I think I'm good to doing that now. (Think all this with a brittish accent)
One of my former workmates (She ended here last week, to become a swedish and english teacher on eber), she told me that we have to say please! Everybody will be much more helpful if we do that! And that's the next big problem. How am I supposed to remember that? I'm not that polite! But I will try.. I know one thing , I won't have a job where I have to write! When I talk people may not care if I miss one s on a word, or if I talk a  little wrong, (or a lot), they may forgive me if I say please and tell them that I'm from sweden. But like now when I write, everybody can look at my text and point on all my faults. But I don't really care, I have never said that I'm good at english, couse I'm not, but I will learn when we're in London. I am trying, anyway! Wuhuuu :)




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